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The market capacity of the silicon nitride bearing ball is over 1 billion

2018/01/22 15:14
According to the Ministry website 19 news, landing project "wind power bearing development and industrial development of silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball", before the successful completion and
According to the Ministry website 19 news, landing project "wind power bearing development and industrial development of silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball", before the successful completion and acceptance of Beijing city transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in Beijing Material Research Institute of synthetic crystals Co. commitment.
The implementation of the project for three years, and made important achievements: one is the breakthrough of silicon nitride nano modified, "package" hot isostatic pressing sintering, low stress and flexible precision machining of large size silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball nondestructive testing control technology to overcome the traditional forming "glass bag" malpractice law HIP two is the high cost of sintering; break the domestic large size precision, silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball consistency is poor, long-term dependence on foreign enterprises status processing, and will improve the 40mm of the above specifications ceramic ball machining precision to G28, much higher than the domestic G60 processing level, reached the international advanced level; three is built in China the first annual output of 80 thousand large grain size (above 30mm) mass production line of silicon nitride ceramic balls, achieve high compactness, high stability, high reliability, high consistency of production is four; Based on the visualization of ceramic sintering and the accurate location and qualitative analysis of internal defects, the quality evaluation system of silicon nitride ceramic bearing ball for wind power bearing is established. Five, 3 patents are applied, 2 enterprises are compiled, 20 are imported technology and management talents.
According to the annual growth of wind turbines installed capacity of more than 1 times a year, the domestic high-power grid connected wind turbines have been successively invested. The market of silicon nitride bearing ball for wind power generation will exceed 2 million domestic and foreign market, and the market capacity will exceed 1 billion yuan per year.
The successful implementation of the project broke the international technology blockade and monopoly on the one hand, and reduced the product price by nearly 50% on the other hand, and accelerated the localization process of the key components of the high-power grid connected wind power generator.
It is reported that Beijing Sinoma artificial crystal Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise affiliated to China National Materials Group Corporation. Its predecessor is the Sinoma Institute of intraocular lens, founded in 1963. Crystal hospital has a Chinese academician of Academy of engineering and national experts as the core technical team, has strong technology development strength, in the nonlinear optical crystal, infrared optical materials, crystal, glass ceramics, transparent ceramics, synthetic diamond catalyst alloy powder material preparation technology reached international leading, advanced or leading domestic level, several major national construction projects (such as SG, the Shenzhou spacecraft, Chang'e-1, the 29 Olympic Games in Beijing) to provide key support materials. Crystal company products are widely used in laser, optoelectronics, communication, infrared technology, aerospace, nuclear industry and other defense industries and the national economy.