Wind Power Silicon Nitride Bearing Ball Market Capacity Over 1 billion Years

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According to the website of the Ministry of Science and Technology on the 19th, the Beijing Sinoma Artificial Crystal Research Institute Co., Ltd. undertook the Beijing major scientific and technological achievements transformation project "Research and Industrial Development of Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearing Balls for Wind Power Bearings" successfully completed the acceptance recently.
In the past three years, the project has achieved important results: first, it has broken through key technologies such as nano-modification of silicon nitride powder, "self-wrapping" hot isostatic pressing sintering, low-stress flexible precision machining and non-destructive testing and control of large-size silicon nitride ceramic bearing balls, overcoming the disadvantages of high cost of HIP sintering by the traditional "glass-wrapping" method after molding; The second is to break the poor processing accuracy and consistency of large-size silicon nitride ceramic bearing balls, relying on the current processing situation of foreign enterprises for a long time, the processing accuracy of ceramic balls with specifications of more than 40mm has been improved to G28 grade, which is far higher than the domestic G60 grade processing level and reaches the international advanced level. Third, the first batch production line of silicon nitride ceramic balls with an annual output of 80000 grains of large size (over 30mm) has been built in China, realizing the production of high compactness, high stability, high reliability and high consistency; the fourth is to realize the visualization of ceramic sintering and the precise positioning and qualitative analysis of internal defects, and to establish a quality evaluation system for silicon nitride ceramic bearing balls for wind power bearings. Five is to apply for 3 patents, compile 2 enterprise standards, and cultivate 20 technical and management talents.
According to the current installed capacity of wind turbines more than double the annual growth, domestic in high-power grid-connected wind turbines have been invested, wind power silicon nitride bearing ball at home and abroad market is expected to exceed 2 million grains, the market capacity of more than 1 billion yuan per year.
The successful implementation of the project, on the one hand, broke the international technology blockade and monopoly, on the other hand, reduced the product price by nearly 50%, and accelerated the localization process of key components of high-power grid-connected wind turbines.
It is reported that Beijing Sinoma Artificial Crystal Research Institute Co., Ltd. (referred to as Crystal Company) is a high-tech enterprise affiliated to China National Materials Group Corporation. Its predecessor was the Sinoma Artificial Crystal Research Institute established in 1963. The Crystal Institute has a technical talent team with academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and national experts as the core, and has strong scientific and technological development capabilities. The preparation technologies in nonlinear optical crystals, infrared optical materials, scintillation crystals, microcrystalline glass ceramics, transparent ceramics, synthetic diamond Catalyst alloy powder and other materials have reached the international, advanced or domestic leading level respectively, for many times, it has provided key material support for major national engineering projects (such as Shenguang, Shenzhou spacecraft, Chang'e -1, and Beijing 29th Olympic Games). Crystal company's products are widely used in laser, optoelectronics, communications, infrared technology, aerospace, nuclear industry and other national defense industry and various fields of the national economy.