High-performance ceramic ball hybrid bearings will be more widely used in wind turbines

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Many companies that have begun to develop wind turbines have recently begun to realize the advantages of high-performance ceramic ball hybrid bearings. In particular, the use of ceramic ball hybrid bearings can increase the speed of the rotor shaft of the wind turbine blade from 30rpm to 2000rpm to generate more electricity. Silicon nitride balls are ideal products to improve bearing performance. Compared with steel balls, silicon nitride balls are lighter, more rigid, harder, smoother, corrosion-resistant, do not require much lubrication, and have a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. These properties enable bearings to run faster, operate at higher temperatures, and reduce lubrication maintenance. Silicon nitride balls are extremely wear-resistant. Longer bearing life means that the cycle of bearing replacement in wind power plants is greatly extended, and the replacement cost is greatly reduced (due to the need to use lifting equipment when replacing bearings, it is generally estimated that the cost of each replacement is 70000 yuan). This saving effect is particularly evident in high-speed generator shaft systems.