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Zirconia Ball

Zirconia ball

Zirconia ball

Ceramic Ball------ZrO2 Ball

●●Compared with steel ball, ZrO2 ball has following advantages:

1. 23% lighter than steel ball, which means less centrifugal force and less friction on the groove during high speed and acceleration.

2. Smaller friction coefficient, more freely rolling.

3. Can be used at higher temperature up to 750ºC.

4. Never rust, and can roll without lubrication.

5. More corrosion resistant than steel

6. No metal contamination.

7. Non-magnetic.

8. Electric isolation.


ZrO2 ball is mainly used for valve ball, full ceramic bearing, metering ball, track ball, and precision grinding ball. It can be used in fields requiring chemical resistance, high temperature, electronic insulation, magnetic insulation, non-lubrication. ZrO2 ball is an idea substitute for steel ball in chemical corrosion application. As valve ball, ZrO2 ball is now successfully used in high pressure homogenizer, diaphragm pump, metering pump, oil well pump, high pressure sprayer etc.

●●Company Feature: ZrO2 density is higher than 6.05g/cm3.

●●Size Range: 0.400~63.5mm (1/64”~2.5”).

●●Grade: G5~G60.

●●Note: 1) white color as standard. 2) plenty of stock. 3) non-standard size could be supplied. 4) thermal expansion coefficient of ZrO2 is 10.5*10-6/, similar to that of steel, which means ZrO2 has well fitting with metal. However, it also results in larger size change with temperature fluctuation. Also, ZrO2 fractures in rolling-failure, thus it is less stable than Si3N4 in key application.



Different performance between metal valve ball and ceramic ball after corrosion.

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