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Hot isostatic pressing silicon nitride ball

The ferrule/valve seat is broken, and the ball is still undamaged.


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Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP or HIPPING or HIPPED) silicon nitride ceramic balls represent one of the highest levels of silicon nitride material preparation.

Comply with ASTM F2094M-2008 for Class II materials.

The current hot isostatic pressing silicon nitride ball inventory specifications are as follows:

36000 grain 2.381mm(3/32 ");

8000 grain 3.000mm;

24000 grain 3.969mm(5/32 ");

16000 grain 4.763mm(3/16 ");

1000 grain 5.556mm(7/32 ");

30000 grain 5.953mm(15/64 ");

2000 grain 6.350mm(1/4 ");

2000 grain 6.747mm(17/64 ");

10000 grain 7.144mm(9/32 ");

8200 grain 7.938mm(5/16 ");

4000 grain 9.525mm(3/8 ");

300 grain 15.875mm(5/8 ");

300 grain 17.463mm(11/16 ");

25 25.400mm(1 in);


For hot isostatic pressing silicon nitride ceramic ball products, you can enjoy preferential treatment after placing an order. For details, please consult: 13818706554.

Note: The color displayed after each product is photographed may not be the same as the actual color. If you have color requirements, please confirm with our company before placing an order.

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