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Silicon nitride forming wheel

Silicon nitride molding wheel, wear resistant.

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Silicon Nitride Thermocouple Protection Tube

Thermocouple protection tube, for aluminum liquid.

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Ceramic ball bearing

Our company also provides hybrid bearings with ceramic ball and steel rings. The types of ceramic balls include silicon nitride, zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide or other materials, mainly silicon nitride. The ferrule includes various metals such as stainless steel and bearing steel. After switching to silicon nitride ceramic balls can be achieved: high speed, long life, insulation and other special industrial and mining requirements. Production range: all series and models of ball bearings. Precision range: P0 ~ P4

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Silicon nitride locating pin

Projection welding (spot welding) silicon nitride positioning pin is used to weld metal nuts to the precise position of the metal plate. Silicon nitride positioning pin mainly uses silicon nitride to have high strength, wear resistance, metal melt corrosion resistance (silicon nitride ceramic has a very large contact angle with metal and has almost no chemical reaction) and insulation. Silicon nitride positioning pin is very suitable for use as a projection welding (spot welding) joint, because if the use of insulated silicon nitride positioning pin during welding, there will be unnecessary current through, so that sparks between the pin and the workpiece, resulting in pin wear and tear can not be positioned, so that the quality of the workpiece and the pass rate are reduced. And because sparks are generated, the workpiece often needs to be

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